Jun 2024

Expert Home Staging Tips for Small Space Solutions


Many home stagers and real estate agents are asked how to make the home look bigger to appeal to potential buyers. It is important to maximize space when it comes to selling or staging homes. However, it is a little challenging and intimidating when working with small spaces. 

But don't worry at all. Because we at Stage To Show have the expertise and knowledge that can make any small space look bigger. We will give you tips that will work for occupied home staging and vacant home staging. 

Declutter The Room

Clutter usually makes any place feel smaller. A lot of small items cover the visual space. Therefore, it is important to displace three to five times at a time. You can sell, store, or pre-pack the rest of the items. 

Less is More

You should use a few pieces of furniture. It is better to have a large dresser than two smaller dressers. 

Place Furniture Away from the Wall

You don't have to place the furniture right along with the wall. Instead, pull it away from the wall. It is better to have a breathing room which also gives a sense of greater space. You can also make a cozy sitting area in front of the fireplace, ensuring that there is enough space at the back of the furniture to move around. 

Use Furniture of Appropriate Size

Do not go for too big or soft in a small area. This can call attention to how small the room is. 

Use Lighter Colors

Homes usually appear bigger on the outside when painted with a light color. Moreover, cooler colors recede; therefore, use green, pale blue, or gray colors to make the interior feel larger.

Keep Space on Either Side of the Bed

It is better to keep a walking space on either side of the bed. If you don’t have enough space, then it is better to get a small bed. You can downsize from a king to a queen and queen to a double bed. 

Keep Walkways Clear

Refrain from placing furniture in the walkways or sight-liners. This can clutter the space and make it look small and tighter. 

Use a Larger Area Rug

You can use one larger area rug instead of many small-size rugs. If the room looks ok without any rug, then don’t use any. 

Place Mirrors Strategically

It is important to place mirrors strategically to make a room feel bigger. You can reflect an outdoor view or window. By placing a large mirror over a sofa, you can visually expand any space. 

Do not Use Patterned Upholstery 

Using patterned upholstery and drapes makes a room smaller. Therefore, use fewer patterns on bedding and upholstery. Moreover, use a light and solid color bedspread or blanket in a small bedroom to make it look bigger.

Hire Stagers of Stage To Show To Make Your Space Feel Bigger

If you want to make your space feel bigger and don’t know what to do, then don’t worry. We at Stage To Show can make any space feel big. Despite of the size of the space, we can implement our experience and learnings and place furniture to resize the space. With years of experience and expertise, we strive hard to provide the best home staging service in the area. So, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us right away!