Kerry Adams
Vice President of Design

Kerry's journey in the world of interior design is not just a career path but a legacy inherited from her mother, a renowned interior designer whose work graced the homes of Connecticut, New York, and the Hamptons. From a young age, Kerry was immersed in the world of aesthetics and function, spending countless hours exploring the renowned D&D Building in NYC. Her hands-on experience was further enriched by working alongside her mother at the prestigious Kips Bay Show House, contributing to three editions, and participating in numerous other show houses in the Hamptons. This foundation laid a deep-seated love for design that runs in her veins.

Despite a detour into the exciting realm of International Sports Television, where Kerry's career flourished across global capitals such as Rome, Paris, Dubai, and India, her heart remained tethered to interior design. Her travels exposed her to a kaleidoscope of worldly designs, from stunning homes and luxurious hotels to incredible design shops, each experience weaving into her a rich tapestry of global aesthetic sensibilities.

Returning to her roots, Kerry embraced her passion for interior design with renewed vigor. Her unique blend of worldly insights and foundational design principles enables her to create spaces that are not just visually stunning but are narratives of diverse cultures and stories.

When Kerry is not orchestrating beautiful spaces, she finds solace and inspiration walking the beaches of Connecticut or Florida, where the natural beauty fuels her creativity. As a mother of two adult daughters—one exploring the vibrant city of Rome and the other soaking in the Floridian sun—Kerry's life is a beautiful blend of family, passion, and design.

In every project, Kerry brings to the table not just her professional expertise but a lifelong dedication to beauty and functionality, making it evident that interior design is indeed in her DNA. With a nod to her past and an eye on the future, Kerry continues to innovate, inspire, and transform spaces into living art. Giddyup to a world where design is not just seen but felt, a testament to a legacy beautifully continued by Kerry.