Staging a distinctive modern home overlooking Wilshire Pond presented an exciting opportunity to showcase our staging expertise. This property, with its unique architectural elements and luxurious features, required a thoughtful approach to highlight its one-of-a-kind appeal.

Tailoring to Unique Architecture:

The home, featuring a 7-bedroom wing and an intriguing underground stone tunnel, demanded a bespoke staging strategy. Our focus was on selecting furnishings that accentuated the modern design while ensuring each space felt welcoming and livable.

Accentuating Luxurious Spaces:

In the large public areas, we used minimalistic yet elegant decor to complement the home's spaciousness. Our goal was to enhance the luxurious feel without overshadowing the architectural beauty.


Indoor-Outdoor Harmony:

One of the home's standout features is its integration with the natural surroundings. We staged areas like the gym with floor-to-ceiling windows and the poolside kitchen to emphasize this seamless connection with the outdoors, creating a tranquil indoor-outdoor living experience.

Highlighting Recreational Amenities:

The property’s unique amenities, including a free-form pool and professionally lit tennis court, were staged to showcase their recreational and entertainment potential, all while maintaining a harmonious balance with the serene setting.


This Wilshire Pond home staging was more than enhancing a property; it was about bringing to life a modern masterpiece. Our aim was to ensure that each meticulously staged space resonated with potential buyers, showcasing not just a house, but a dream home.