Mar 2024
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Boroughs & Burbs Podcast

Revealing the Secrets of Effective Home Staging: Insights from Boroughs & Burbs Podcast

John Engel and Roberto host Boroughs & Burbs Episode # 129, titled “Real Estate Staging”. In this episode, they invited home staging with industry experts Lisa Hynes and Michael Lubin.

Lisa Hynes is leading staging expert from Stage to Show, Fairfield County. Michael Lubin is a top realtor in New York City who offers staging for free to his listing clients.

They both, Lisa and Michael, shared their invaluable insights on the art of home staging and consultations. From transforming stagnant listings into quick sales to creating spaces that resonate with buyers, they discussed all.

Lisa and Michael emphasized the importance of role of staging in selling properties quickly and for higher prices. They recount success stories where strategic staging led to bidding wars and full-price offers. They also highlight the impact of a well-staged home on the selling process.

In the competitive and ever changing real estate market, creating spaces that captivate and inspire potential buyers is important.

Lisa Hynes has extensive experience in the staging field She shares her strategies for transforming dull spaces into vibrant and functional areas that sell quicker. Her approach focuses on enhancing texture and color while maintaining balance to ensure that each room appeals to a wide range of buyers.

One of Lisa's signature techniques involves breaking up large and open spaces into distinct living areas. She believes in showcasing the versatility of the space and addressing common buyer concerns.

By staging key areas like the first floor and master bedroom, Lisa guarantees that these spaces serve as eye-catching focal points that leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Furthermore, Lisa recognizes the importance of leveraging social media and online platforms to showcase properties effectively in today's digital age.

By staying updated with the current trends and understanding the evolving needs of buyers, she assures that her staged properties stand out of the competition.

On the other hand, Michael Lubin highlights the need for a clean and light-filled environment to create an emotional connection with potential buyers. He stresses the significance of cleanliness and tidiness.

He thinks that along with cleanliness, strategic staging in key areas, including the kitchen and master bath can maximize a property's appeal.

In conclusion, effective home staging goes beyond simply furnishing a space. It is about creating a captivating narrative that resonates with buyers and helps them picture their dream home.

With their expertise and unflagging commitment to client satisfaction, Lisa Hynes and Michael Lubin continue to redefine the art of staging in the ever-changing real estate industry.

By implementing the insights shared by Lisa and Michael, sellers can enhance the appeal of their properties. They can stand out in the competitive real estate market and ultimately achieve a successful sale.

Whether it's through enhancing texture and color or leveraging digital platforms for showcasing properties, the secrets of effective home staging revealed in Boroughs & Burbs Podcast can help sellers navigate the selling process with confidence and success.

If you want to learn more about staging, its effectiveness, which rooms should be staged and what’s the  right budget for different types of properties?, then watch the Boroughs & Burbs Episode # 129 in which Lisa Hynes and Michael Lubin has given their useful insights!