May 2024

9 Common Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid in 2024


When it comes to home staging, you probably already know the basics; decluttering, depersonalizing, deep cleaning, etc. You know what to do; however, you don’t know what not to do. You can avoid those pitfalls and can have potential buyers dying to make your home their own. 

Proper staging can make or break a deal; therefore, avoiding common home staging mistakes is important. Here are the top home staging mistakes to avoid in 2024 to ensure your place looks its best. 

Mistake # 1: Over Personalization

Family photos and personal belongings can hinder potential buyers from visualizing the space as their own. You shouldn’t over personalize your space, instead, keep it simple. You can go for a neutral palette and place minimal personal belongings. Add a few decent and tasteful decoration pieces to maintain the appeal of the home. 

Mistake # 2: Avoid Angling Furniture

While home staging, avoid placing furniture at specific angles. Placing a desk or sofa diagonally can distort the space. People usually think that it makes the room look spacious and bigger but it actually makes the feel of the room off. The only exception is if the place has unusual angles that need you to position the furniture that way. 

Mistake # 3: Using Too Many Small Things

One of the common mistakes homeowners make is using too many small items when staging the home for sale. This includes things like bookshelves with a lot of small frames, large sofas with a lot of small throw pills, or a coffee table crowded with tiny objects. 

You should keep in mind that a few big things always look better than a lot of small items. For example, on a coffee table, 2 large vases and some greenery can give an elegant and sophisticated look, instead of crowded tiny items. 

Mistake # 4: Neglecting Lighting

Good and natural lighting is important. Dark places feel uninviting and small. You should avoid keeping your room dark. 

You can use a combination of ambient and accent lighting to brighten the space. Moreover, you can also open curtains, chics, and blinds to let the natural light come in. Natural light can make the space feel more substantial, lively, and airy. 

Mistake # 5: Not Considering Your Potential Buyers

You should think about who can buy your home. Is it a single professional, a young family, or empty nesters? You want them to see your place as an ideal fit for their lifestyle. For instance, if you are staging a condo, you can stage the second bedroom as a guest room or home office. Avoid over-decorating the place to appeal to a wide range of people. You should go for neutral and simple decor, paint, and other things. 

Mistake # 6: Skipping Repairs

Small problems, including cracked tiles, leaky faucets, peeling paint, etc can turn off the buyers. You have to fix these minor issues to show that the home is well-maintained. Small improvements can make a big impact and can increase the appeal of the place. 

Mistake # 7: Not Thinking About How Your Home Will Look in Pictures

Most of the homebuyers begin their search online and great photos can make them want to visit your home. Therefore, you also need to think about how your place will look in pictures. Arrange your furniture to highlight the potential corners of your home. 

Mistake # 8: Skipping Area Rugs in Open Concept Layouts

Staging open floor plans can be a bit challenging. A common blunder home stagers make is that they leave large areas of bare floor with nothing to cover or warm it up. It is crucial to use area rugs to define various spaces of the lace. Without area rugs, your furniture can look disconnected. Therefore, you should add area rugs while home staging. 

Mistake # 9: Forgetting About Storage

Potential buyers love sufficient storage to keep their belongings. And many home stagers forget to highlight storage options. You should highlight build-in storage spaces or closets your place has. You should add stylish storage options, including shelves or baskets. 

Rely on Stage To Show to Avoid Home Staging Mistakes

Home staging requires effective attention to detail and to understanding of what potential buyers look for. By avoiding common home staging mistakes, you can have an inviting, appealing, and place that resonates with potential buyers. 

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