Mar 2024

Process of Home Staging - 8 Do's And Dont’s

Process of Home Staging - 8 Do's And Dont’s

Home staging is something every property needs before getting sold and for quicker sales. If you’re unaware of the staging process and want to know how to make your property stand out in the market, then you’re at the right place. 

According to Professional Builders magazine, if you want to sell a home, you have approximately 6 seconds to make a positive impression on the potential buyers. This means you cannot depend on your non-staged home to impress the buyers. 

When it comes to home staging, there are many “do’s” and “don’ts” that can effectively enhance the appeal of your property. Hence, let’s delve into the process of home staging and the “do’s” and “don’ts” of home staging given by the world’s experts. 

The Process of Home Staging

Home staging is a crucial process that is performed by experts to boost the visual appearance of your property. A brief overview of the process of home staging is as follows:

  1. It normally involves decluttering and depersonalization of the place. It starts with removing excessive furniture to create a clean space. 
  2. Then, the furniture is strategically placed to highlight the key features of the home. Tasteful and neutral colors are usually selected to attract a broad range of buyers. 
  3. Next, the main focus is on lighting which can create an inviting and warm atmosphere. 
  4. Moreover, small repairs and updates are also made to address the noticeable issues. 
  5. Lastly, professional photographs of the staged home are taken to ensure it attract the attention of customers (online and in-person).

Do's And Dont’s of Home Staging

Here are the 8 most highlighted “do’s” and “don’ts” of home staging to make the most of the powerful selling strategy. 

Do’s of Home Staging 

Do Clean and Declutter the Space Properly

The first and most important step of home staging is cleaning and decluttering. Start by decluttering the space to showcase the best features of your home. Remove excessive furniture, broken things, and unnecessary clutter. Ensure a well-presentable and inviting space for the potential buyers. This can help the buyers to envision themselves living in your space. 

Do Stick with Neutrals and Depersonalization

Home staging isn’t about personalization., It is about depersonalization and removing your personal belongings so that the buyers can focus on the potential of the home. 

Moreover, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. You should invest in neutral colors to enhance the appeal of your home. Use beiges, creams, and soft brown colors to brighten up the place. A neutral palette not only makes the place feel larger but also allows the buyers to envision themselves living in the space. 

Do Investment in Small & Necessary Updates

In-home staging, you don’t have to break the bank. You don’t have to make major renovations and updates. Simple updates, including new hardware, a fresh coat of paint, and minor repairs can do a lot to the place. 

The experts also suggest focusing on high-impact areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. For example, adding at least one stainless steel element in the kitchen can make a huge difference.

Highlight the Key Features of the Place

Every place has some distinctive features that make it unique and allow it to stand apart from the rest. If your place has such special features, then strive to highlight those features. 

From original hardwood floors to fireplaces or bay windows, you can highlight any of these features. Moreover, place furniture in a way to showcases the focal points of your home. 

Focus on Lightning 

Good lighting can make a whole lot of difference in how your home looks. Hence, make sure to let in as much natural light as you can. You can do strategic curtain placement, open curtains, and blinds, and use mirrors. Additionally, you can also use lamps to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. 

Dont’s of Home Staging 

Don’t Overdo with Decor 

It is important to add decorative touches and furniture to improve the appeal of your home. However, overdoing decor can have the opposite effect on the home staging. Avoid using too many decorations, bold colors, and decluttering. Go for minimalist decors and neutral colors to have a warm atmosphere. 

Don’t Over-Personalize the Space

For homeowners, one of the hardest things to do is removing personal signs of ownership. You should remove personal belongings, including candid pictures, certifications, drawings, etc. 

When staging your home don’t over-personalize your space. If you over-personalize your space, it can make it difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your space. 

Don’t Neglect the Secondary Areas of Your Home

Do not neglect the secondary areas of your home. The potential buyers look around all the spaces of the home, including the storage spaces, outdoor areas, patios, etc. Therefore, do not ignore those areas, and make sure that every nook and cranny of your home is well-presented. 

Final Words

Home staging is a powerful and impactful tool to sell your property quickly and for top dollar. By following the above-mentioned strategies, you can make the most out of the home staging process. 

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